See it -Hear it -Say it! Interactive Learning 4 Autism Danni Bloom



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See it -Hear it -Say it! Interactive Learning 4 Autism  by  Danni Bloom

See it -Hear it -Say it! Interactive Learning 4 Autism by Danni Bloom
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See it - Hear it - Say it!Using visual and auditory methods to enhance and facilitate communication and comprehension.Communication consists of exchanging messages between people: expressing needs- sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. We all know that communication involves the use of language (either written on spoken). Children with autism spectrum disorders usually have difficulty in discovering the power and pleasure of social communication and are often slower to develop language.

Some children may have learning difficulties that interfere with understanding language.Temple Grandin (an American animal scientist who has autism) describes how she thinks in pictures and how words are like a second language for her (Grandin, 1995). Visual thinkers can be helped by visual support. The TEACCH approach encourages the use of visual structure to reduce stress and promote learning for people with autism by making their environment more easily understood.

Since people with autism sometimes tend to also be visual learners, visual aids can help them to make sense of the world and of other people, including the process of communication.SugarPea Products for Autism would like to introduce an interactive slide show that your child with special needs can use to see pictures and hear their names pronounced in an effort to elicit communication and comprehension.Our son with Autism is a visual learner. Comprehension is much easier for him if hes able to see pictures as well as hear the names of the pictures.

Using PowerPoint, Ive created an interactive slide show that allows him to view the pictures on the computer screen while hearing my recorded voice pronounce the names of the pictures. This two-pronged approach helps him learn new concepts quicker and also promotes verbal imitation. Im offering it on eBay in hopes that it may help your child or student with special needs as much as it has helped our son.This slide show is very easy to use .

All you have to do is put the cd-rom in your cd-rom drive and the PowerPoint Slide Show will begin automatically. You dont even need to have PowerPoint to be able to view the show. The file is quite large (159 MB) and may take a few moments to load. Once its loaded, you simply follow the prompts on the screen.

Youll be able to click on the arrows to either move forward or backward throughout the show. Many of the pictures are animated, too! How cool is that!!! There are even visually reinforcing treats at the end of each section.There are a total of thirty-one categories to choose from. The categories are:ColorsShapesTextures and PatternsAlphabetParts of My BodyPeopleEmotionsClothingFoodsEveryday Household ItemsAnimalsNatureCommunity HelpersTransportationMy NeighborhoodMy WorldActionsSportsOppositesPrepositionsSame vs.

DifferentNumbers and CountingMoneyHolidaysM. C. Escher DrawingsPencil DrawingsSight ReadingSpellingTimeSign LanguagePicture Identification TasksThere are over 1100 slides in this PowerPoint Slide Show. Please take a moment to look at an outline of the pictures and concepts that are represented in this program.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] for looking at my product. Best wishes to you and your loved one with special needs.

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