David Starr - Tulák po hvězdách (Lucky Starr, #1) Isaac Asimov

ISBN: 9788024006307

Published: 1999


120 pages


David Starr - Tulák po hvězdách (Lucky Starr, #1)  by  Isaac Asimov

David Starr - Tulák po hvězdách (Lucky Starr, #1) by Isaac Asimov
1999 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 120 pages | ISBN: 9788024006307 | 7.42 Mb

David Starr, Space Ranger was the first of the Lucky Starr books I found in my Dads collection -- I had already eaten through all the Robot/Foundation novels from Asimov by this stage, and the Lens Men by E.E.Doc Smith -- and I just kept looking through all the old battered books. My Dads editions are actually the editions in which Asimov went under a pseudonym, though I later went out and bought other editions from second hand bookshops to add to my own collection.I adored David Starr, I adored how perfect he was.

Maybe today we would call David Starr a Gary Stu or a Marty Stu, because he truly fits that mold but you know what, I didnt care and I still dont care! In fact, I wish books were still written with these types of character archetypes.Why? Because its entertainment, it is fantastical, it is escapism and it is fun.What Asimov created in David Starr, Space Ranger was a character and a story that was simple, straight forward, fast and exciting.

I envision this story rather like a movie, because if you have the right type of imagination, Asimovs beautiful writing style in its un-descriptive manner, will allow your mind to fill-in-the-blanks.I truly wish I could find more science fiction like this today. That isnt afraid to have larger than life characters who will never be real. Because I believe it is okay to have unrealistic characters every now and then, that allow us to transport ourselves away from reality, and dream of Space Rangers.So if you are looking for a space adventure, a plot that is simple, but an enjoyable read because seriously, anything Asimov is enjoyable, then I really would pick up David Starr, Space Ranger -- because everyone needs a Space Ranger in their imagination.

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