Young Loves Goes to War Hollywood Style Kitty Rivera



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Young Loves Goes to War Hollywood Style  by  Kitty Rivera

Young Loves Goes to War Hollywood Style by Kitty Rivera
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It was late August of 1941, and the Battle of Britain raged with the British RAF in the fight of their lives with the German Luftwaffe. The United State had not yet entered the war, but everyone knew they were preparing for that day which would soon come.But on this night the strife in Europe seemed far away as Michael moved in closer to the girl in his arms and nuzzled her hair. It smelled clean and fresh like lavender soap.Kathleen jerked her head back. What are you doing?Startled, he replied, Oh, please forgive me.

Youre such a swell girl. I completely respect you! I guess I just got caught up in the moment. ...Her mood softened, and she smiled up at him, saying, Were instructed not to dance too close with the servicemen. We went too far too fast the last time, and we need to slow it down. Her words conveyed one message, but her body another.Oh, I know the rules, okay, its just difficult to remember them when I have a beautiful girl like you next to me.She laughed back, Youre not so bad yourself, soldier!

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